Digital Marketing Free Training Program for Colleges and Freshers

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Digital Marketing Courses: Duration - 1 Month

Course at a glance:
  1. Basic Marketing and Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Online display and Video Marketing
  5. Branding and Marketing Communication in Digital Age
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing and E-mail Marketing
  8. Digital Media and Marketing Analytics
  9. Website Design and E-commerce
  10. Managerial Communication and Content Management on Digital Platform
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. Managing People and IT for Digital Marketing
  13. Monetizing Digital Assets
  14. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  15. Capstone Project – A comprehensive project related to the different facets of digital marketing as discussed in the program

Course paradigm:
  1. Business requirement gathering & product knowledge.
  2. Competitors analysis, competitors keywords, general search keywords.
  3. Key words analysis
  4. Keywords selection based on - product variants.
  5. Keywords selection based on - prices.
  6. Keywords selection based on - Geographical location : countries.
  7. Keywords selection based on - Geographical location : cities.
  8. Keywords selection based on - Geographical location : local areas.
  9. Overview on digital marketing tools - affiliate tool/lead generation tool (with lead owner tracking)
  10. Social media marketing tools
  11. 3rd party based marketing
  12. Programs for visitor/audience induction & retention - non product related induction (video based)
  13. Programs for visitor/audience induction & retention - non product related induction (image based)
  14. Website/portal development.
  15. Implementation of complete digital marketing on your portal.
  16. Creating high value digital assets with organic ranking. 
  17. Looking for prospect customers for high value digital assets and ranks. Monetizing the digital asset. 

Specialization on 

  1. MLM, agency & sub-agency management
  2. Alliances and channel partners development and management
  3. Development of nodal points
  4. People management and talent transformation for IT(digital marketing)
  5. Entrepreneurship

Short term workshop

Digital marketing & Cloud computing

Duration: 1- Day Workshop

  1. Keywords analysis
  2. keywords designing
  3. Affiliate marketing and management
  4. Distribution
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Social media marketing tools
  7. Digital marketing tools
  8. Cloud computing - rapid cloud development
  9. MLM - multi level marketing
  10. Entrepreneurship program