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An internship at Hemanth Science Foundation offers practical, hands-on experience from day one. Whether you're in engineering, marketing, operations, or finance, you'll test. You'll learn.

Unmanned vehicles industry has become one of the fastest growing sector in the world and 
there has been usage of this technology in many diversified fields such as real estate, defense, agriculture, communication, disaster management, logistics and even medical sciences. Their versatility  has  been  proven  in  various  times.  This  fever  has  caught  up  in  India  too  where technologists have predicted that India will become the next technology hub for Unmanned vehicles by 2020.

Very few companies in India working relentlessly on actual development of these vehicles from ground up and also developing various methods of applications in real time making human lives better and safe. We have also been promoting this field amongst thousands of engineering students via our workshops and training programs carefully designed to impart the required technical skills to the students.

The internship program offered by the company takes things one step ahead where the students are going to be put in for real time development projects and solving various technical issues in the development and application of these versatile vehicles. The internship will be offered as training where students will be taught the basics of unmanned vehicles technology. If the students choose to participate in the research projects, they will be put in some of the research projects undertaken by the company.

Students can choose to take up the internship as 

One week/two week/one month/two month/ six month program depending on their requirement. 
Why attend this program? 
o  Program is conducted by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Experts with rich research experience 
o  All participants will receive certificates from Avian Aerospace 
o  Students who indulge in and complete real time industrial projects will be awarded certificate of Merit 
o  Students will learn about the booming Unmanned Vehicles field 

Who can participate? 
o  Engineering students from any stream any year 
o  Diploma Students from any stream any year
o  Anyone who has interest in unmanned vehicles, research projects, embedded robotics and real time applications.

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