Micro Site Platform

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Micro-site platform offers you the following features

  • SAAS based platform
  • Allows you to use your own domain e.g. www.your-domain.com/microsite1
  • Admin panel under your domain
  • More than 100 templates to choose from.
  • More templates can be loaded as per your requirement
  • Highly industry & business specific templates
  • Responsive templates for mobiles and desktop
  • Every micro-site owner can manage their own sites independently and easily
  • Highly user friendly

Micro-site + Digital Propagation
Deadliest combination to harvest the micro-site platform to the fullest. The package offers you the core mantra for your business.  This brings your page on the first page of Google search results for a given keyword related to your business.

Custom developmentMicrosite platform
Time to developNeeds more time to developNeeds less time to integrate
MoneyMore investmentMinimum investment
Digital MarketingNo optionAdvanced option of SEO & digital marketing