Cloud-based Digital Marketing Platform

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The Comprehensive Cloud-based Digital Marketing Platform

The platform's BLUE (Build, Listen, Understand, Engage) framework enables marketers to efficiently Build digital assets, effectively Listen to and Understand target segments, and easily Engage consumers across digital channels. Offered in the Cloud, the platform's digital asset reuse and audience intelligence capabilities streamline campaign processes, while accelerating deployment of digital marketing initiatives.

Digital Propagation
The new process of bringing your web-site at the desire position at the Search Results.

Before we start saying something about Digital Propagation, we need to describe what it is and how it’ll be effective for a business.
Digital Propagation is all about On tool SEO, traffic syphon SEO, Brand Management, Reputation, Management, and Powered Propulsion Engines.
The most effectiveness of this technology is the effect will be visible in very short span of time.

Somehow goal of Digital Propagation is same as the goal of Digital Marketing, but the process of Digital Propagation is much advanced than the conventional Digital Marketing.

The major differences between Digital Propagation / Digital Marketing Vs normal SEO are:
Digital Propagation Regular SEO
No need to work on the site’s code, design etcXML Site-map, Meta Tags, Meta Description,
Robot. Txt, etc are very necessary
Note Necessary to have a page on Social
It’s necessary to have page on social medias.
Guarantee on timeline
Once Achieving the targeted place at the
Search Result’s list the, the rank stays for
longer time.
First of all its time taking process. And after
gaining a rank after such hard work, there is
no such guarantee that the rank will stay for
long time period.
Suitable software tool is required along with
the Human Resource to perform the tasks.
Only Human Resources are required to
perform the tasks.

This task is completed by the Human employees with the help of suitable tools.
In this process, it is not necessary to do on-page SEO works like XML Site-map fixation,
     SEO friendly URL, 404 Error Page, etc. 
     Keyword Analysis of the given site.
     Selection of suitable key-words.
     Search Volume measurement.
     Competitor analysis.

If the keyword has no position then first the position will be brought by Geographical location basis. Eg. Suppose my key word is Food-shop. In this case first the rank will be given on Food-shop at Kolkata, then in West Bengal, then in India.

After getting the final set of keywords we can generate a FEED.
     We’ll send the FEED to the Digital Propagation tool.
     The tool will create new links.
     The links will be sent to the DP operation team.
     The operation team will work on those links to bring the results.

Brand Management.
For any kind of business a Brand plays a vital role to generate more revenues. In Digital
Propagation we help to gain more brand values.
     Flourish your brand on the first page of Google
     Make your brand available with different location search keywords.
     Capture the global market
     Multiple keyword combinations.
     Fast and easier presence on the first page of Google
     No need to worry about the key words of your website
     The link, content and SEO factors of your website will not affect the presence on the first page of Google.
     Your visitors can raise an enquiry directly from the link appearing on the first page of Google.
     Check on real time how many people are reading about your business.
     More number of hits on your business page and spending more time on your content.

Reputation Management.
Got negative reviews that you can’t remove from the first page of Google.
We have a solution!
Use our reputation tool links to replace them and push them away from the first page of Google.
Reach New Markets.
You might be operating from London, but there’s no reason why you can’t sell to people in Australia. You just need to reach them. With Digital Propagation, this becomes a valid possibility. In many ways, online marketing is entirely transforming the world of business.
Improve Your Website’s Usability.
Internet users are notoriously impatient, and if your website doesn’t offer them a high quality experience, they’ll be off to your competitors. When you’re working with a professional Digital
Propagation practitioner, they’ll be able to advise you on how to make your site as accessible as possible.
Build Trust.
People trust Google. If your website is appearing on the first page of a search, they’re likely to trust you also. In the days of e-commerce, this is absolutely essential. You could be just about anyone, so you need to take every opportunity to prove how trustworthy you are.
Increase Traffic to Your Website.
Having a website is pretty pointless if you aren’t driving traffic to it. If people can’t see what you’re selling, they quite simply can’t buy it or even enquire about it. A good website is a wise investment, but only if you’re going to promote it. SEO is one of the most effective ways to do this.
Stop your Competitors Beating You.
If your competitors aren’t already using Digital Propagation as part of their marketing mix, you can safely assume that they soon will be. And when they do, they’ll be taking customers from directly under your nose. Make sure that you get in there first and get the top search engine results for yourself!

Latest scientific implementation of F-Pattern and Fitt's law 

Our latest implementation of organic Adwords concept targets the achievement of  F-pattern and Fitt's law, to drive the prospect customer to your website. Your website can have 100% (SEO) optimized. Any website can optimize themselves to 100%. That doesn't mean that all websites will be on top of Google. There are thousands of websites that gets optimized everyday for a given keyword. But do all of them come on the first page of Google?.. doesn't come !!!.. 

Attracting and driving targeted visitors are very important. This is what we exactly do to pull up your website to the top of Google. The power packed concept of "Organic Adwords" is targeted to meet the F-pattern and Fitt's law to drive targeted visitors and prospect customers to your website.

Our "Agent portal" or  "Organic Adwords" will maintain  F-pattern & Fitt's Law on the first page of Google search to drive the relevant visitors to your website.

It has numerous advantages, such as:

  • 1) Increasing the popularity of your website
  • 2) Driving targeted visitors and customers to your website
  • 3) Working in the background to pull your website to the top, through increased number of relevant  visits.
  • 4) Don't wait for your website to come on the top. Don't miss the customers till your website is not on the top.
  • 5) Keep on generating inquiries, leads and revenues through "Agent portal" or  "Organic Adwords" until your website comes at the top.

F-pattern for Google 1st page

Seeing is believing !! Try it by your self !!!

Client : Infosolz
Nature of business of the client : Development of Microsoft product Kinect based applications
Keyword: Kinect developers in India, Kinect development in India
Goal: The contact details and the details of Infosolz development team should be on the 1st page of Google.

Type the key word: Kinect developers in India
 Kinect development in India

You will find this link on the first page of Google:


Q: Is it 100% legitimate?
A: Yes, it is. Its 100% legitimate. We are not bluffing the visitors. We are not redirecting the visitors. We are not luring the visitors with false promises. Our "Agent Portals " says the truth and displays the exact details of your business. Its 100% legitimate ranking + 100% organic.

Q: How it is different from normal/traditional SEO?
A: Our DP Tool is a compact combination of  organic Adwords  + Traditional SEO .
DP is like organic adwords. It appears on the 1st page of google, thus it brings traffic to your website. Simultaneously it does the normal SEO to your website also. Its faster, organic, 100% legitimate and effective.
Thus:  Normal SEO + Organic adwords = DP 

Q: If I take your service will it help in normal/traditional SEO for my website? will !! Its a combo pack. It does the normal SEO and in the mean while spreads your business name on the first page of google.

Q: Is it cheaper than Adwords?
A: Yes its cheaper than Adwords. Adwords service is based on pay per click and your ad appears intermittently. Our service is dedicated, continuous and with unlimited clicks.

Q: What are the advantages of Organic Adwords concept over Google Adwords?

Organic Adwords (DP)Google Paid AdWords
Trust worthy. As it can be achieved only with good reputation.Trust is not involved in this. Everybody knows that the position has been achieved with money.
Unlimited clicksBased on budgets. Limited clicks
24X7 dedicatedNon dedicated
Less expensiveMore expensive

Q: Everything has a positive and negative side. What are your negative sides in comparison to Google Adwords?
A: Good question !!!... Google Adwords can start displaying your ad on the top of Google search within 24 hours from the time you made the payment. But we cannot bring yours business on top of Google in 24 Hours. As this is 100% organic. We acquire the first page of Google through  organic means and advanced tools.


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